Season Schedule Open WED. SAT. & SUN. 7am to 5pm

PLEASE: NO PETS ALLOWED. 1. OPEN WED.-- SAT.-- SUN. 7am-to-5pm 2. One gal. picking buckets with a plastic bag liner will be handed out for everyone who will be picking, when the bucket is full, just remove your bag & it's $10.00. An adult can pick a gallon in about 30-40 mins. 3. Please bring a flat carrying container if you plan to pick several gallons, for the ride home. 4. Wear sun protection if it's a problem for you. 5. Wear full feet covering shoes, no flip-flops or the sort. (After a hard rain, rubber boots) 6.Please mind your children accordingly, The rows have been treated for ants, but that don't mean you won't encounter some, so be on the lookout! The mulched rows are ideal ant beds & it's very hard to kill every single one while avoiding harsh pesticides, we try to keep the farm as natural as we can, so just beware of the ants.