3D Blueberries

Climax Blueberries

The farm looking east

Tifblue Cultivar

Premier A week after planting

GRAND OPENING May 25th - July 1st 2014. Come get yours before they all gone!

This is our first year to sell berries, so stay tuned at https://www.facebook.com/3dBlueberryFarm for the latest updates on how well the crop produces, as of this posting, there is still a chance of a late freeze which can damage blooms affecting the production. The 3D Blueberry Farm is a family maintained small farm providing Southeast Louisiana with naturally grown Rabbiteye blueberries in Washington Parish near Franklinton, La. We planted the blueberry bushes November 6, 2012. We have 500 of each cultivar, Premier, Climax & Tifblue.