About Us

Thanks for your interest in our operation. My name is Dean Fitzgerald, my wife is Denise & our son is Dean Jr, thus the “The 3D’s would “fit the bill for a name”.
 Our Southeast Louisiana Pick Your Own Farm is located at our home just a few minutes outside Franklinton, La. and is 3 miles off Hwy 25 in the community of Richardson. We both work fulltime, so the blueberries are more of a hobby for us, we have the land & wanted to do something that would last for several years so we can maintain it into our retirement. The sandy soil of this river bottom land is more ideal for watermelons & the like, but we cannot maintain that kind of annual while working full time. so we decided on the blueberries since they are perennial & produce for 20+ years. Our goal is to provide customers with naturally  grown Rabbiteye Blueberries as early in the season as possible before it gets extremely hot.
We have Premier, Climax & Tifblue cultivar’s. The Premier & Climax varieties will ripen from late May to the end of June & the Tifblue’s will ripen from mid June to late July. We hope to plant some newer cultivars in the next few years.
We hope the farm will be in full production by the summer of 2014.    Our farm is only 1,500 plants covering a little over 2 acres. We want it this way so the customer feels “at home” while visiting & picking their berries. We feel we can provide a down home atmosphere that you will enjoy visiting.
The parking will be very close to the orchard with shade to rest under while your picking. We will have bottled water available for $1.50